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by Sean Apr 15 2024

Breaking the Mould

The Journal of Australian Ceramics
The Journal of Australian Ceramics

This month (April 2024), I was honoured to have the National Gallery of Australia, Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art, Tina Baum write an article for The Journal of Australian Ceramics, on myself and my art practice.

Reading the article myself was quite emotional. Looking back at some of my earlier works, especially from Tina’s view, was very moving. I feel I maybe should visit my earlier works in a future Yarn. 

The article also touched on my incarceration. While in prison I first learnt ceramics in the Koori art class, where I also came into contact with The Torch Program. This life changing encounter opened my eyes to the art world and gave me the opportunity to pay tribute to my culture and ancestors though art. Most of all, it changed me as a person.

A big bonus!! Was that my artwork was also featured on the front cover of The Journal of Australian Ceramics. Who would have thought that would ever happen.

Anyway, I’m going to end this yarn with a big thanks to Tina Baum for this amazing article, to Montessa Maack the Editor of The Journal of Australian Ceramics for making it happen, and lastly Kent Morris from The Torch for his continued support.

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